Friday, August 29, 2014

Robot sex

I know that these gadgets are sold that let a man be electronically felated while he drives. I oppose all gadgets that cause a driver to become distracted like ehail apps and so I am against it. I wouldn't mind if it were specifically outlawed like hailo and uber driver apps ought to be. This auto b j is not my main subject right now but robotic sex is.

Robotic sex is one of the next big things. It's coming and probably it is going to shake up human relationships as well as the sex industry.

I would guess that top of the line sex robots will offer a human like experience down to realistic moans and groans, realistic tongue kisses, ear nibbles, etc.

If they will be cheap to buy or rent. I think they will challenge our whole civilization as we know it. In a healthy society they are likely to spread joy and what could be wrong with that? We already have too much atomization and alienation. Frankly I hope they will be expensive - prohibitively expensive - and they become playthings of the rich and detested.