Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who Are these Yazidi People That Are Threatened by The Islamic State?

Their reigion does not prrdare the Abrahanic faiths as some i  the media tell us.They believe that God createx 7 angels to rule the world. The Yazidi believe that the Peacock Angel is the one most favored by God and is a manifestation of God. The Peacock has  secret name tbat is no secret - Shaitan (Satan).

The Yazidi believe that they descend from a jar of Adam's semen. (Yup). Their Black Book urges them to kill Shaitan's enemies.

Now we are told 40,000 Yazidi are trapped on A mountain by The Islamic State and tbey face extermination.

The Wezt is between a tock and a hsrd place. It's a certainty thst many Muslims and Chritians and maybe Jews too shed no tears for the Yazidi. 

If the US and friends fght for the Yazidi  it will elevate The Islamic State in the eyes of many. This current tragedy , for the Yazidi are human beings, results from the ham handed ignorant violent meddling of the US to begin eith. More of the same is likely to give us more of the same.



Three varying depictions of the Peacock Angel (Saitan).