Monday, September 15, 2014

David Duke upset about (Jewish).racism? And how he does not notice the media's protective approach to Ukrainian Nazis.
Youthful Nazi activist David Duke once madei a name for himself by mounting a one man pro Vietnam War demonstration carrying a sign with the demand that 7 anti war demonstrators who were on trial for "Conspiracy"  get "gas", a reference to one of the ways ruling nazis murdered  people they were opposed to.
Nazi actvist and Grand Dragonic Wizardly Kleagle of the Lords, Ladies, Villeins, Serfs and Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (r
(He re titled himself National Director) urges his troops to doff their sheets and masks to "get out of the cow pasture and into the hotel meeting room."

If David Duke had gone on to renounce racism and white supremacy you could say I was being unfair to dredge up this nazi stuff from the distant past or to chime in with my hypocritical zionist  enemies about his KKK "past."
David Duke remains a racist and a white supremacist in spite of his efforts at rebranding himself. Take the case of poor Israel Shamir. I don't know if there is a sharper or wittier critic of the Judaic religion on God's  green earth and David Duke has himself given the curly haired Shamir at least one rhetorical pat on the head for his literary work. Shamir, though is a critic and dissident from within Jewishness as far as Duke can see, and so Duke has dubbed the curly headed Shamir "very Jewish" . This is a slap both at Shamir and at all subjectively non racialist opponents of Judaism. Shamir leads the choir of those who say that being a Jew is a voluntary choice (logically then, being a Jew is not written by fate into a racial genetic code.)

In reading Duke's website I've seen that Duke insists that Jews are a race and that a major component of "The Problem" is "genetic." Duke can praise certain things that certain Jews have said and done but unlke his predecessor Joseph Goebels he doesn't decide who is or is not a Jew - God makes that finding.

Duke is a man of contradictions if nothing else. He's outraged or si it seems about a Grand Rabbinical Pooh Bah who passes judgement over weighty matters in occupied Palestine hates intermarriage by Jews. Well, of course the Pooh Bah has reason to be bothered since everywhere in  the world where rabbis don't have legal power over them Jews "marry out" in droves.
In places like New York one is liable to encounter more children with one Jewish parent than childten with two Jewish parents.

The indignant Duke wants an explanation then as to why the media went after a Justice of The Peace who refuses to perform marriages of whites and non whites in Louisiana but it leaves the rabbi in peace. 
It is because Duke's Klan/Nazi style of racism is outside polite discourse and the fact that Israel espouses and practices the same when made into an issue undermines support for Israel even among Jews, particularly "mixed blood" or parents of "mixed blood" Jews.

Why the media hushes the fact that US allies in Ukraine share Duke's worldview is similar. Were it to be acknowledged it would undemine both US and Ukrainian government respectability. Ah, but wait - that doesn't trouble David Duke.