Monday, September 15, 2014

Gimme that old time religion.
This racist and midievil minded maniac, Menachem Schneerson, used to be glad handed and given awards by Senators, Mayors and assorted power brokers. He's been dead since1994 and his followers, who believe that he is The Messiah walk the halls of power worldwide  to this day. They are considered to be foremost representatives and advocates of (Talmudic) Judaism which evolved over a period of time from 200 to 500 years after the death of Jesus Christ. People might learn a bit about their hatred of Christianity by Googling Chabad and Noahide movement. 

That's right Judaism as we know it came on the scene after and in reaction against Christianity. 

The URL above takes you to a most informative web site . It is published by people who like me wete born into the group known as Jrws. Their purpose is to reform Jews and Judaism in order to save Israhell from self destruction.
I appreciate their hard work and h:onesty though I do not agree with their perspective and world view. . Another site to look up is called "Failed Messiah". It is published by a Jewish man who is of the tradition of the prophets who tore their hair out wailed and shouted  trying to bring Jews to the mission of  "Light among the nations. Also recommended are the writings of Israel Shahak