Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts was a ranking official under President Reagan. He edited the Wall Street Journal. He is advising Russia and China to get tough with the USA.
Those who watched Michael Moore's Farenheit 911 probably remember the dweeb Paul Wolfowitz. He"s the neo Con intellectual giant who slimes his comb with a tongue bath and then combed his hair on camera.

Well, Wolfowitz formulated the USA strategic doctrine that calls for the USA not to allow any country to gain the capability of becoming a rival of the USA. This coincides with Zbigniew Brezhinski's call for Russia to be dismembered and broken up into dozens of statelets none capable of resisting USA demands.

Roberts is saying that the rulers of the US want one thing above all and that is global domination. He believes that Russia and China do not understand the immense USA threat they face. He warns them of spies recruited in US universities and cultural/political fifth columns primed to destabilize being nurtured by western based so called non government organizations.

Roberts not only urges Russia and China to demolish the USA dollar and describes for the leaders of those two countries how he believes they can do it, from Russia demanding payment in rubles for its oil and gas to China dumping a trillion dollars of USA debt onto the world market.

Roberts urges that these steps be initiated now.

Roberts urges that Isis be given weapons to knock USA warplanes out of the sky. He says that if Russia and China do not take these steps now they will find themselves cornered and will feel compelled to launch nuclear weapons.

;Roberts unabashedly sides with Russia and China against USA which he, like tens of millions of others, sees as a terrorist state and the main threat to world peace.

It's hard for me to imagine USA not reacting strongly if these asymmetrical defensive measures are initiated.   I guess Roberts sees the USA as a paper tiger and a giant with feet of clay like Mao once did.

I agree that Russia and China face an existential threat. I'm not at all sure of Roberts' prescription.

Roberts says tough action now by Russia and China can avert a nuclear WWIiI.

USA strategy guru Paul Wolfowitz slimes his comb for the camers.