Saturday, September 27, 2014

As a taxi driver I have more free speech than the President of the United States!

On many levels this is true. I can put links on other people's Facebook pages to tell uncomfortable truths. I can remind the Mayor and the Bronx Borough President day after day and in public about unholy piles of pigeon dreck that have been festering at the South end of the Grand Concourse for years.

I can remind David Duke followers that the man is a racist.

When someone annoys me on the street as happened today I can give him advice that he probably never expected in plain lanvuage that we all would understand. I had brought a man and woman to West 44th Street between Eighth Avenue and Broadway when the sidewalk and street were mobbed with people who had just emerged from theatets letting out. The woman handed me a twenty dollar bill. As I was putting her change together her husbamd flung open the rear left door. (We are forbidden to lock passenger doors). I was parked bit two inches from the curb. Just at that instant an adult moron who was riding a bicycle through the commotion on the sidewalk slammed his bike into the open rear door. The moron took a tumble along with his bike though neither wete really harmed. The moron started yelling invective st my passenger who was cringing. Into this tableau sashayed a specimen of Eurotrash who might be in town for the UN festivities. As my window was rolled down he took the opporunity to shout in my face that the incident was my fault. I told him to Shut the f+ck up which he did.

There is speculation about that Obama is in his heart a progressive man of peace and that while he is really a neo con captive he struggles to rein in the juggernaut as best he can while he also strives not to meet up with Abraham Martin and John.

Maybe he'll become a professot once again and publish a "Now It Can Be Told.'Surely he is not free to tell the world exactly what he feels like I am.