Friday, September 5, 2014

The Ukraine's Azov Battalion appears to be getting badly whipped. Shed a tear for these friends of America.
You should not take my word that America's friends in the Ukraine include some straight up nazis. The Telegraph newspaper in Great Britain is Conservative ans anti Russia. They describe the Azov Battalion ( sometimes also called the Azov Brigade) as . "neo Nazi." Somemainstream media call them " right wing" or "far right" or "nationalist." Now in my opinion even the "neo" in "neo Nazi" is a fudge word meant to soften reality when it comes to des ribing the Azov Battalion/Brigade (whatever.)

They have a website called Wotan Jugend that has an expression in its masthead thst democracy represents a "depraved mass of humanity" who must be controlled. 

Azov commander Andny Biletsky believes that it is the mission of the Ukrainian nation to lead the white races in a final crusade against the "semitic led untermenschen."

Azov commander Andny Biletsky in the black tee shirt.

This is not the first time that western permanent goverents and parrot media have supported racists and fascists committing barbaric crimes. These boys signed up in May for a bullying expedition against people who they call "colorado beetles." They've been getting their heads handed to them these recent days Their one hope is a cease fire their much hated half Jewish president Porochrnenko might get for them in talks today. Something tells me he will do what he can to keep them away fro. The presidential palace. . By the time you read this they very well may have blown up the only electric power system to the city of Donetsk, home of 500,000 people. They've already made a million people homeless with their shelling of apartment blocks, hospitals and schools. .