Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wo Hop 17 Mott Street Chinatown, NYC a cool open all night Chinese nooodle joint.

I used to hang out at Wo Hop late at night in my Manhattan Community College days. One night I saw Abbie Hoffman and entourage sitting down. What I remember of that was the smile on his face and how nobody bothered him and his friends.

Wo Hop still is a night people spot. The food is good and not expensive.

Until this past week I hadn't been inside there for ten years. It was ten years ago I brought my wife there and maybe 30 years before that that I was inside the place. I pass by it just about every night. Considering how I will soon be in Venezuela possibly for the rest of my life I've been getting these overwhelming feelings of nostalgia for the New York of my younger days. Wo Hop's facade hasn't changed nor its interior. No Abbie Hoffman is going to walk in and down a bowl of noodles. There is no Abbie Hoffman to mock the lying murderers who still run things.(Their spiritual and actual offspring are more front and center now).

Wo Hop does noodles. A quart of their Won Ton soup with a side of dry crispy noodles will set you back six bucks, around double the price of a neighborhood Chinese take out but it is a good tasty meat packed filling meal.

I'm going to miss Wo Hop.