Monday, October 6, 2014

Bob Avakian and Cornel West are going to discuss religion and revolution on November 15 at Riverside Church.

Bob Avakian

I"ve posted a few times about Bob Avakian. He was inserted into my world a few years back when several of his followers set up displays mostly on Saturdays. I haven't been kind to Avakian and I haven't given him or his followers much respect. I visited my wife who I used to live with where we once lived together which is where tbe Avakianites used to set up with fair regularity. Now they are promoting a discourse or debate - Avakian representing godless revolution while Mr. West represents something like revolutionary theology.

Cornel West
I won't be there because I'm taking a three month sabatical from New York and taxi driving starting November 4. I will be with my wife in her homeland, Venezuela. If it works out we'll be living in Venezuela soon. 

When I think of a revolutionary Christian I think of the hero John Brown whose God would not tolerate nor permit Brown to tolerate slavery. John Brown killed slavers and some people believe he kicked off the US civil war that ended chattel slavery 

Now we all know that there are no atheists in foxholes. Nominally atheist revolutionary countries deify leaders and it's clear that Avakian intends to be the man god of the coming US revolution (?) Ordinary people like me and my father do not want to kill or die  on any stinking battle field.Think of those poorly armed Red Army soldiers certain to die who ran toward nazi machine guns shouting Stalin's name. Charging wave upon wave 'till the machine guns gotvred hot and couldn't fire.

Godman Mao

I have urged Avakian to replicate man god Mao Tse Tung's world record breaking swim to bolster his charismatic godman cred. I know  this feat would have to be staged. I woild offer myself as a double. Avakian somehow has a hod like hold on a few people's minds. Hear his voice and if you think like I do you do not hear the voice of charisma

You want a revolution you need a godman. Winning a debate with a Christian or losing it won't impart the godliness that's needed