Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Issues with Dr. David Duke

He's a slippery fellow, this baby faced David Duke. I think he's spent  too much time studying the Talmud. He plays on the general ignorance of both American History and of his own history. He got his start as a swatika wearing supporter of United States  genocide in Vietnam. At the bottom of this page you'll see the iconic photo of young Duke dressed in nazi regalia carrying a sign calling for the execution by gas of Vietnam War opponents, political prisoners known as the Chicago 7 who were being tried for alleged multiple felony charges because they were outspoken opponents of the Vietnam genocidal war. Were Duke to have ever renounced this activity since his nazi chicken hawk (an expression meaning a fit young man who though enthusiastic about having a war he managed to avoid military service) days it might be unfair to bring this out into the public once again  Klansman Duke once urged his fellow  KKK activists
 to wear business suits and "get out of the cow pasture and into the hotel meeting room" which had nothing to do with renouncing racism.

Rather Duke smoothed out his own rough rhetorical and stylistic edges as he does with his occasional surgical face lifts. For those who may not know , his supporter in the picture above sports the "Stars and Bars" banner of the Civil War slavocracy and its army.

Duke has complaints against the "ziomedia" and their unfairness. So do I. One issue I have with them is their cover up of the nazis who hold ranking positions in the current Ukrainian regime. It's interesting how Prime Minister  Yatsenyuk, (half Jewish by birth) and President Porochenko, another  half Jewish oligarch coexists with the Ukranian Social Nationalists. But if Fox News, Barack Obama, BBC, CNN and The New York Times and MSNBC all shield the Western public from the role of Ukranian nazis in the war on Putin why would anyone be surprised when David Duke reprinted the front page of Mort Zuckerman's New York Daily News when they both were slandering New Orleans' suffering African American community when it was abandoned and worse during the 2005 disastetr of Katrina? The racist barrage from Duke and the "Ziomedia" gave cover to the incompetent and rapacious ruling circles of the US and the State of Louisiana.

David Duke's Complaint.
David Duke is upset because "the ziomedia" won't give him any slack about being a Ku Klux Klansman ("in the past) while it never reminds the public of Nelson Mandela's African National Congress' historic connection with the Communist movement. Let me guess why Mandela gets a pass:
1- The powers that be would be popularizing Communism in touting this link.

2- Mandela and the ANC did not turn out to be much of communists and did not upset the fundamental lack of equlity- even the continuing lack of equal opportunity- that hobbles South Africa's Blacks
Duke, on the other hand is overtly hostile to both the influential Jewish community and to the only possible approach to the US' inevitable demographic future - that of a once predomintly European country, but never to be such again.