Friday, November 21, 2014

Uber is not just a safety threat.Driver tells cancer patient in writing that she deserves to have cancer. This post lyfted from Gothamist

A Uber driver is a desperate taxi driver in a tie and on the phone.

Uber Driver Tells Cancer Patient She Deserves To Be Sick For Canceling Ride

Alexandra Craigle (Facebook)
Uber is not having a good week: a top Uber executive allegedly bragged about potentially hiring a team to smear its critics in the media; the company scrambled to apologize and distance itself; then it opened an investigation; then Ashton Kutcher got involved. The latest bit of bad news is that one of its drivers told a woman with cancer she deserved to be sick because she canceled her Uber ride one minute too late. nnnnnAlexandra Craigle, 25, who has had lymphoma since 2012, had finished receiving radiation treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan when the incident happened last Monday, Nov. 10th. She told the News she canceled her Uber ride because "it was freezing cold, I was and still am suffering from shingles, am on liquid morphine, and didn't feel like waiting for the Uber driver to drive two avenues to me." She was a minute past Uber's five-minute grace period when she cancelled, and she says she sent an apologetic text to the driver as well.
She received three missed calls, an angry voicemail, and the texts you can see above in response. "You are not human…," the driver wrote. "Yeah right I think you deserve what happened to you with such a [character.] You hang up the phone and cancel the trip … go see a head doctor too." Craigle submitted the driver's information and the screenshots of the texts to Uber, who have fired the driver.

As for what Craigle will do in the future if she needs a cab: "I already had Lyft downloaded and plan to use that if I get in a pinch."
You can add Craigle's experience to the pile of nightmare Uber stories. But for what it's worth, magical positive things can still happen in Ubers.