Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What is this fiscal cliff the experts keep yapping about?

I've been looking for some simple explanation for this supposed monster disaster we are facing in just a few days, and I'm wondering, really, what is all this noise about?

We all know that the Republican Party is absolutely hostile to any Democratic President, much less one that isn't "white." Mitt Romney more or less let the cat out of the bag when he made his famous remark about the 47 per cent of the nation's people he considers to be free loading on productive folk such as himself. Of course he was talking about low wage workers, retirees including retired military Remember Romney for one considers his "service" to have been the two years he spent in France as a draft exempt Mormon missionary on a par with people who were dodging bullets in Vietnam.  He also is talking about lots of children who can't be held responsible for whatever failings their parents might or  might not be guilty of, and women whose male couter[arts cannot in our current economy play the expected role of husband, dad, provider. When we look back to the origins of our country, the days the GOP longs for, what do we find? A county that is 1/3 slaves. A country where only men who have property could vote and only state legislatures voted for US Senators. Heroes of theirs are slave owners and rum merchants. Anyhow, my point is Romney let it out that he (and his party) do not view the votes of half the people as being legitimate. Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have either. To spice this item up a bit I'm sharing my favorite youtube Thomas Jefferson skit, then I'll get back to this fiscal cliff crap.

Now, what does a skit about President Jefferson and his fourteen year old slave mistress have to do with the fiscal cliff?  Jefferson explains to Sally that there is lots of coton and tobacco to be harvested and that he needs "all hands on deck." This is pretty much the rhetorical ancestor of "shared sacrifice" rhetoric we hear these days.we hear these days. And the reason that Republicans cannot really accept any Deomcratic president as legitimate, much less a black one is that he was elected by the Sally Hemmings' of our own time - the 47% plus a few. Look at this video and you see the way things wee in reality in those golden days, the days the GOP longs for.

And so, what do they want? Not to pay taxes, if possible at all. Not to be burdened with Social Security. (Yes,  know that SS comes from a tax on wages and salaries but these guys feel entitled to "share" it, all of it if they can,)

Democratsw seek to save capitalism from the hubris and delusionalism of the capitalists themselves, just like FDR once did, so they advise a slower, gentler ripping off of the 99%, if possible getting as many of them on board to approve the process, so Obama wants to slowly chip away at the safety net while loudly demanding that the top two percent make what really is a modest contribution in raised taxes - far lower tax rates than were in effect under Ronald Reagan, one time conservative hero who today would be on the left edge of the GOP, or maybe a Democratic "centrist."

FDR saved capitalism – now it's Obama's turn

We have to learn how to curb capitalism's excesses.

By Robert S. McElvaine / November 24, 2008
A wealthy man in a fine suit and top hat fell into deep water. He didn't know how to swim and was on the verge of drowning. Hearing his cries, another man dived into the water and saved him as his top hat floated away. The man who had almost drowned regained his breath and, for a moment, seemed grateful. Three years later, though, he returned and denounced his rescuer for not saving his hat, too.
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That story is one that Franklin D. Roosevelt is said to have told describing what he had done for big- business men in 1933 when, in the words of Raymond Moley, a member of Roosevelt's New Deal brain trust, "capitalism was saved in eight days." Those were the days.
Capitalism is in dire straits again. Governments around the world have been taking bold actions for weeks, but so far those actions don't seem to add up to another saving of capitalism.
The drowning businessman has again had to be pulled out of the water by the lifeguard he long disdained: the government. Once again, we see the need for some rules and regulations to keep the free market from going off the deep end.
When FDR addressed a demoralized nation at his inauguration, a demoralized economic philosophy had caused the high-flying economy of the 1920s to go into free fall. In the days before he took office, the banking system had completely collapsed. And bankers had become the hated group......
about today's Republicans----------------------------------

So, if the "fiscal cliff comes, then taxrs go back to rates lower than Reagan had, The military also takes a well deserved and needed hit, what with all these programs that even the generals and admirals say are wastes of money..