Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chuck Hagel is being groomed and prepped to become President of the United States

All right, you have to stay with me on this one. I have some previous posts about Hagel. In the first item I try to entertain you and explain that he is a soft cop, but still a cop. What I mean is he is here to enforce the interests of the one percent, even if many of them don't "get" how he's trying to help them.
This Guy Chuck Hagel.

Then I showed you how the story of his Vietnam heroism which I am not questioning in the basics, that is he was a sergeant in a combat unit, he got badly wounded, he demonstrated personal physical courage lacking in most leaders of his party (chicken hawks).

Now, the country is in a profound crisis. The governing party (usually the GOP, and they rule through the House and the filibuster rule even now) is in disarray. The country needs to have a dad, one who knows all about trouble, who is b rave and independent, who is in the Bill Clinton sense at least a "black guy," someone who has empathy with the sufferers and those unfairly treated,

And so, waiting in the wings, having been prepped since his days in army basic training comes Chuck Hagel  who sold newspapapers at the age of seven and confronted his drunken and abusive father at the age of sixteenwhen he became the man of the family

He was chosen for a low profile highly classified mission in the Army, although he had not finished college and was a draftee, those most often sent into the infantry. He took the training and asked an Army not known for complying with the wishes of draftees to excuse him, but to send him with the secrets he held in his brain to the morass of Vietnam combat, not the place to send a very young man with a very big secrret,