Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mike Bloomberg and Gun Control- He Has No Moral Right To Speak About It.

If you are not a rich property owner here in the apple you just about can not get a legal gun, though you may apply for a permit. No doubt Mike and his friends pack and that Mike packed when he was a private citizen. Here where I live in the projects you can not own a legal gun.

But when I come home in the early morning often the front door to the building where I live is broken and people I don't know are in the stairwell. As a taxi driver I go to all parts of the city in a bright yellow car that is an advertisement that here is someone with a few hundred dollars and not even a baseball bat for self defense. I would have to say that if Mike and his friends need handguns to carry , so do I.

The second amendment was passed to assure slave owners that they could organize armed white rabble to chase down run away slaves, and this is called a "well regulated militia."

Dec 22, 2012
as published in the U.C. Davis Law ReviewSynopsisIn his recent U.C. Davis Law Review article "The Hidden History of the Second Amendment," Roger Williams University School of Law Professor Carl T. Bogus offers a ...

So, maybe he needs to shake up his private army and get them some training in how to shoot those high poWer rapid fire guns they walk around with.