Friday, January 25, 2013

Tomorrow Started

Yesterday evening a friendly guy got into my taxi. What with Taxi TV and all manner of cell phones and portable computers it's rare when a passenger starts a conversation with me but he did. I admit I steered the talk towards this blog and he told me he is a contributor to Tomorrow Started. That's a blog that gets mega hits and calls itself  "a visual collective outlet of inspiration."


a group of bandit bloggers who use this blog as a notebook of inspirations. we post things we see and like. our lives don’t revolve around singular topics and neither does our blog. sorry! nothing is in-or-out of context here. enjoy xx

Well, the guy said he liked my beard and that he'd check out this blog. I hope he blogs about it (either my beard, my blog or both). As my father often said, " We shall see what we shall see.