Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYC Taxi medallion prices update and a comment on the best laid plans of Michael Bloomberg (Fail!)

Updated Tuesday June 18, 2013
I was wrong in my judgement when I wrote this article originally. I urge you to consider the following facts before jumping into the medallion market:

New York Taxi medallion prices, Future of New York Taxi medallion prices.


pre update, old and wrong analysis.

As you will see medallion prices are holding up well, which tells me that the lenders, those who finance these medallion purchases, and who include the Governor's father, and who opposed the Bloomberg plan tooth and nail are not fearing a return of Michael Bloomberg's wacky "sounds good to Mike" unstudied and unworkable taxi plan, which along with his equally un-thought out and so far not functioning bike share plan  had me and I don't know how many others in suicidal ideationland.

You'll notice the very small turnover in medallions. Folks just won't give them up!

Average Medallion Prices and Transfers

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Archived Medallion Prices & Transfers

For several months now, as Andrew Cuomo has held out against Michael Bloomberg's sweeping proposal to change the way taxis work in New York, his father Mario has played a small background role as a board member of Medallion Financial, one of the financiers of the yellow-taxi industry.
A spokesman for Andrew Cuomo said he didn't know whether or how often the former and current governors had discussed the taxi bill, which passed the legislature in June but has stalled for want of the governor's signature. But the spokesman reiterated what has been the position of the governor's office all along, which is that Mario Cuomo's financial arrangement with Medallion Financial, whose president and industry sector opposes the outer-borough taxi plan, doesn't matter, in terms of Andrew Cuomo's position.MORE
Well, it turns out that Andrew was smarter than the pundits thought!  He endorsed the "sounds good to Mike" plan with some revisions knowing that a judge would deep six it and that his father's firm was not going to allow this medallion sale to be financed! "Win/win" for Andrew Cuomo!