Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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I was looking over material regarding Hailo, about which I have been ranting and raving for days now because they are about trashing my occupation and endangering the well being of the citizens of my city - which I happen to love like a madman  - for profit. It almost is beyond the point going over all this stuff again, as no one who can get this information into the mainstream seems about to do so regardless of what I say online.. I am going to put the links the the things I've said about Hailo at the botton of this post.

Anyhow  I have come accross as a matter of my having been a Hasilo driver four training videos directed to their prospective drivers and actual drivers in New York. Interestingly they are missing one that should be there and should be public.

here are their videos:

1- How a driver logs into the system is explained here, Not too serious as the driver has not started driving yet.


December 3 2013 the original video has been replaced apparently by Hailo. I am emailing to the TLC the calmer  London video. I wonder what  they are using in NYC now.

2- Taking Hailo Jobs. Notice the clanging bell and the "hurry up guy" stance of the whole thing. If the driver doesn't respond soon enugh another one will. Hurry up guy! If you're slow you blow guy! Is this about a person who drives four hours a day more than safety experts advise as it is.  Oh, and yes the driver responds to the bell, decides if he wants the job and presses whatever icon applies while he is safely, legally standing fer sure oh yeah. And if he turns down jobs, he is ofered fewr jobs later  (addition made Weds. afternoon)- The app does not "know" in what direction the driver is moving when it determines how long it will take him (or her) to reach the passenger- and the app gives the passenger this number. AND SO FOR EXAMPLE I GOT A JOB ON MCDOUGAL AND WAVERLY ( THE APP TOLD E IT WAS ON MCDOUGAL BETWEEN W4 STREET AND W3 STREET. I HAD BEEN HEADING NORTHWEST ON GREENWICH AVENUE, HAT IS AWAY FROM THE PASSENGER. THE AP ASSUMED I WOULD NOT HAVE TO CIRCLE ANYTHING OR FIND A WAY TO REVERSE MY DIRECTION LEADING TO ANXIOUS AND ANGRY TELEPHOONE CALL FROM THE PASSENGER WHILE I WAS IN MOTION ) Yes, and reading the map. taking payment and what is not on this video, inputing your (driver's) feelings about the previuos passenger or what the driver is to do as bells clang because he is running late and the telephone starts to ring!  The passenger is upset!  Yep, the driver is supposed to be answering the telephone too. And calling the passenger if (s) he's running late, and calling the passenger if the passenger is running late... Do you think (s) he is finding a place to legally stand before he answers a damned telephone?????? INPUTNG FARES AND TIPS INTO AN APP WHILE YOUR NEXT PASSENGER IS SEATING HERSELF AND TELLING YOU TO TAKE HER TO 3RD STREET AND AVENUE B? WHILE LEGALLY STANDING????  Yeah, wanna buy a big  bridge in Brooklyn?

3- A driver can tune in and find out what's happening at the airport taxi and passengerwise. (While (s)he is legally standing of course).


4- The missing training video that does not exist and tells us how the a;ready stressed and verworked driver deals with the bells and whistles, pop ups and phone calls as he navigates his or her way to meet the passenger. And how he or she deals with a situation in which te app sent the driver to a completely wrong place for pick up? The missing video would explain to the driver how to defend himself after he hits something that is not the road after (s)he causes an accident after pledging online to only use the app while standing, a patent imppssibility and a lie. Have fun in court, where the TLC will scerw you into the wall.

5- The NYC Government once upon a time imposed a GPS system on kicking, screaming and striking taxi drivers that was complete with GPS map for the passenger (so as not to distract the driver who is of course concentrating n the road) and replete with what turned out to be empty promises of updates on the text message recieving gizmo at the drivers' right hanging below the meter. This is where, it was promised, updates about traffic and events would be flashed to all the drivers in NYC. Now once in a blue moon this does take place. More often the driver gets text messages (loud ones) reminding him (her) to drive with care. Here as though to fulfill the empty promise of the Bloomberg Administration comes Hailo! Drivers, please input events and situations and confirm them as you read about them while .... Legally and safely standing yet in the Lord's own hurry as the app flashes you a countdown clock and hurry up missives? Hurrying to get to that Hailo passenger who is about to call on the phone to ask when the hell you are going to arrive because (s)he can't seem to locate yoou on that cutsey Hailo map.?  Answering a pop up asking to confirm the report of another driver??? Come on! Drivers are in a hurry as it is, are driving unsafe numbers of hours and now they need bells clanging and telephones ringing? Only people who do not live in the actual world of the 99% could accept Hailo's malarkey once presented with the facts.


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