Friday, August 9, 2013

Hailo Is really full of hype and here is why I say that.

Hailo says it rules the streets of London and soon will rule New York too. Well they say that.they have 23000 London cabbies on board and maybe they do in a peculiar way. they have given all kinds of premiums to drivers but the end result is not too impressive. Hailo says there is hey Hailo taxi ride somewhere on earth every ten seconds Well that is six per minute 360 per hour  8640 Hailo rides somewhere on earth each day.
Giving Hailo a big advantage for sake of argument let us assume that these rides are all in London. 23000 cabbies, 8640 Hailo rides, or roughly a bit less than  one Hailo ride per  London cabbie every three days.

you. havea right notto bemoweddown onthe streetsof taxidrivers whoare notf ocused on the streets.butare fiddlingwith hailo.and uber apps