Saturday, August 17, 2013

No one listens but an editor at the Guardian online listens when a taxi driver tries to tell them some thing.(memo to Randy Credico)-

On August first the Guardian newspaper online published a piece I wrote but....

I one time took these people to 79th Street and Madison Avenue as per my repeated and confirmed understanding of the hotel doorman's instructions. I tried to confirm it with the passengers but they were having none of listening to the sounds emitted from a taxi driver. And so they also paid no attention to the places we were passing either. Well, their intended destination had been number 79 Madison Avenue, a quite different place. They had the nerve to ask me for a half off fare after ignoring my efforts to get it right the first time.

Now, I am trying to get someone who can be heard to understand the seriousness of the City Authorities pushing these ehail apps that cause taxi drivers to drive like morons, have probably hurt people already and sure as you are reading this will one day kill.

When I tried to tell Randy Credico about this he became enraged at me for wasting his time. Well I still think he is the best candidate for mayor. Like I say, when a taxi driver says.something people get arrogant and.obnoxious. I take that sort of shit in stride. It is part of being a taxi driver.