Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mayor de Blasio is bringing the Taxi and Limousine Commission into the shaping and implementing of his "vision zero" plan to end pedestrian fatalities. Bad news for Hailo and Uber I hope. Good news for yellowcab drivers I hope again.

Vision zero is a program that New York's mayor de Blasio wants to create to put an end to pedestrian fatalities in New York City over the next ten years. This month, halfway over, has already seen eleven such deaths.

Even David Yassky felt he had to back away from giving final  approval to the killer apps. He as much as dared de Blasio to end the smartphone toy experiment in New York. He certainly was reacting to my public comments and my article  that appeared in the Guardian online August 1, 2013. as well as posts on this blog. Anyone voting for the apps would be voting for contempt towards public safety.

deBlasio's political base also includes owner driver cabbies and heirs who live off leasing a medallion or two to drivers or to operators like Evgeny Friedman. As well, he no doubt makes himself knowledgable to understand that having thousands of desperate men racing each other up and down the streets in 16,000 green and 15,000 yellow cabs is a recipe for mayhem when half that number of taxis suffices. He definitely does not want to crash the value of the medallion now that via auctions the City is a full partner in the medallion syndicate.